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  1. Site News
    Nokia announced their "new" mapping service last November. Their mapping service was named HERE, and it would allow for people to get places easily using traffic maps, transit schedules and real-time weather. So far the application has only been available for Nokia phones, but Nokia also...
  2. Site News
    Nokia, which is now fully owned by Microsoft (for 7.2 billion dollars) is figuratively going to be producing nothing but Windows phones. We all quietly hope to have a quality product from Nokia running Android one day though. They have been sneaking out some surprises with the release of budget...
  3. Site News
    You may have heard about the almost legendary Nokia Android device known only as Normandy. Not to long ago photos surfaced showing the purported Nokia Android device and now thanks to @seamissu on twitter we have more than just some renders to speculate about. We are still longing to see more...
  4. Sprint
    Ok sooooooooo I currently have the htc evo 4g and have been on it sice it came out... Im looking to upgrade tho so kinda need some feedback and suggestions please. Lookin for something preferably with front facing camera 4g Wifi hotspot big screen and Fast! Thanks.
1-4 of 4 Results