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  1. Thunderbolt
    Is Mecha/Thunderbolt going to be a part of the official repos and builds of CM9? If not, is anyone planning to kang it? Is slayher still on the job?
  2. Android Applications
    Hi Everyone, I'm wondering what is your take on the best open source SMS app? I'm getting sick of developing off of SMSPopup... is there any other ones that are better? Thanks!
  3. Mesmerize / Fascinate / Showcase
    That's right ladies and germs. My two personal favorite mobile OS's are now BOTH open source. WebOS is now officially open source for the public!!! (and third party vendors) No, it's not available to download yet nor have any details about what they're entirely releasing (concerning billion...
  4. Android Applications
    I always think I've finished a project ... then I release it and realize that I still have some work to do. Sometime ago I notice I never had an available text editor when I needed to view a doc so I developed one ... Parchment! Parchment is lightweight and simple but provides a text editor...
  5. Android Applications
    Android Business Card Program - Open Code for DIY Use Decided to make an Android .apk program Business Card instead of getting boring cardboard ones. All of the project names link back to the project post when...
1-5 of 5 Results