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  1. Droid Charge
    I have all of the stock update files that I've collected since getting the Charge. If you want to go from any stock system, to another build, you can download the appropriate file from the below link, rename it to and put it on the SD Card. Boot into stock recovery and apply...
  2. Droid Bionic
    So I'm on my 2nd Bionic. The first Bionic was rooted off my Mac no problem but then I lost it and got a new one. So I wanna root it and this time was doing it off a PC but while using Petes One Click I get error, and I'm not allowed to do it. I take it the new OTA blocks root.. So is there a way...
  3. Mesmerize / Fascinate / Showcase
    Here's some links. Discuss. LOL. Anyone confirm the build number? New baseband? I am NOT going back to stock just to try and OTA... lol. Too in love with this ICS. haha Press Stories:
  4. Droid Charge
    Gingerbread OTA update! Is my Android phone ready? Any customizing of your phone can hurt it! Complete at your own risk. Wonder if your Android phone is ready for an Over The Air (OTA) update? People keep asking varying questions about this OTA. The Droid Charge is about to get an update from...
  5. Droid Bionic
    Anyone had a look yet? OP stated that OTA DID NOT break forever root. Thanks, RMD
  6. Droid Incredible Development
    Release Notes: This Rom is the Official OTA for the HTC Droid Incredible (OG) All bugs from the previous OTA appear to be fixed now. This build did not require any intervention on my part. I just had to build it Specs: OTA Ver: 4.08.605.2 Android Ver: 2.3.4 Sense Ver: 1.0 Baseband...
  7. Droid Charge
    I dont know how to word it to search, so i will try to explain. can you update a stock charge via manually as if you were getting an OTA? The wife has a charge and its stock. I know she will benefit from the new rom but she does not want to lose ANYTHING! she is anal about her setup...
  8. Droid Bionic
    I ran across this post and figured I would post it to make it easier for folks to get to it by starting this thread. This link will take you through the step-by-step process to update to the latest, leaked OTA (5.7.893) if you've already got an updated...
  9. Epic 4G
    From the horse's mouth:
  10. Google TV
    I have a Google TV and another tv running a sony blu ray/google tv box... curious to know if anyone has received the OTA that's supposed to start rolling out today for our devices... Anyone? You maybe?
1-10 of 10 Results