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  1. Photon 4G
    Call me an n00b or an idiot but a friend of mine has a photon 4g he wants to sell me. I use Verizon and wanted to know if I can flash it to work on verizons 3g/ 4g network?
  2. Photon 4G
    Hi all, I'm very much trying to find a solution not to wake up my phone using power keys. install many apps from the market, but of no use. tried also keeping the screen awake, uses more battery power. some where i read about modifying the keylayout file in /system/usr/keylayout and modified...
  3. Motorola
    hi all, I'm a newbie here and just bought a motorola photon 4g. updated to the latest firmware & rooted. yesterday i installed LOCK 2.0 full and to my bad luck now it freezes on my homescreen. cannot see the home menu , it just superimposes the wall paper and i cannot get in to menu to reset...
1-3 of 3 Results