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    Hey there awesome RootzWiki people! We haven't broadcast RootzLive! in a few weeks now, and I wanted to offer an explanation to everyone. My broadcast rig is rather extensive... think something similar to what you would have seen Leo Laporte use back in the day when he broadcast TWiT from him...
  2. Site News
    That's right... a brand new shiny Transformer Prime!! Read this for more info:
  3. Site News
    Would you listen/subscribe to a daily audio-only RootzLive! podcast?Yes1588.24%No211.76%
  4. Site News
    Week 3 of our new RootzLive! on-air broadcast is upon us and we just keep getting bigger and better! This week we're adding some new segments and a expanding the show a bit. If you haven't caught the live show yet, tonight would be a great time to join us and see exactly what we've been up to...
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    Hey there developer/themer/ROM cooking types! Here at RootzWiki we've recently begun a weekly broadcast/podcast on Wednesday evenings. This broadcast will focus on many different aspects of Android and the community, but most importantly it'll be about YOU. Each week I am planning to have at...
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    Edit: NOW NEW AND IMPROVED WITH VIDEO! April 11th 6PM Pacific/9PM Eastern we will be airing Episode 2 of RootzLive! our *new* weekly on-air broadcast! This week we'll be interviewing noted RootzWiki developer Roman about his latest app RootzBox, previous projects, and future endeavors! We'll...
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    Missed the broadcast? Have no fear, now you can watch it here! Want to subscribe to the audio only podcast? Here's your links: iTunes link: itpc:// RSS link: Heads up to everyone... tonight will be our first live...
1-7 of 7 Results