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  1. Acer A500
    I thought the name Iconia sounded familiar, and now I know why:
  2. Stratosphere
    Hey Guys Real new to this but I love the Strat and had no problem rooting, but found that ever since the root it will randomly power down during use (not often but so far a couple times) also I'm noticing the battery doesnt last as long as before the root. I love the changes and look forward to...
  3. HP Touchpad
    I notice that after installing CM7A3, the TP randomly reboots every day or 2, regardless of whether I'm booted up in WebOS or CM7. Upgrading to A3.5 made no difference. Not a major problem, more of an annoyance, but this morning I did finally witness the reboot. Unless I was running WebOS, I...
  4. Atrix
    I am not sure what is causing my problem with my phone so I figured some guys over here might be able to assist me. The only things I have done to my atrix is root it giving me admin access and I edited a file that checks for a tethering plan on my phone, so I am able to tether. I am not sure...
1-4 of 4 Results