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  1. Droid Razr
    When I first got phone was in Las Vegas and would get this same behavior, dial a number, one or two (or no) rings and dropped. Sometimes person I am calling hears one or two (or no) rings. After I left Vegas area (truck driver) it seemed to work fine until yesterday, now it is almost every call...
  2. Droid Razr
    So we all know that experimenting with an android phone isn't easiest thing to do. Its actually pretty darn confusing especially since all the information is mostly never consolidated in one place. Anyways, I decided to do something about it. I present to you my blog, aashrey99RAZR. It's my...
  3. Droid 2 / R2D2 / Milestone 2 / Droid 2 Global
    I figured I might as well ask this, even though I doubt it'll mean anything for us. I stumbled across these two things of interest:
  4. Releases
    As agreed upon the Razr release will only be released at DroidRZR .. you are on the other hand more than welcome to discuss it here --KEJAR31
  5. Galaxy Nexus
    Anyone tried getting the badass black stock Droid Razr Keyboard on the Galaxy Nexus? Not sure if blur files are required to run it.
  6. Droid Razr
    I got my Maxx in the mail today, and within an hour of toying around with it, I was prompted to update it (which I did). A few minutes ago, I tried rooting it using the one click script method that's been floating around here. It didn't brick my phone or anything, but it didn't work at all. Is...
  7. Android
    Verizon sent me a clnr droid razr, and a clnr rezound to chose from to replace my 3rd faulty droid charge. The question is, which do i keep??? bootloader not really a problem, as long as i have root. Help me out on deciding .
  8. Droid Razr
    Hi guys, I'm a Galaxy Nexus user, but saw this on reddit a little bit ago. Enjoy! Ryan
  9. Droid Razr
    Originally Posted on We need to make Motorola realize that they cannot break promises and not expect major backlashings from their consumers. They promised to have unlocked bootloaders by the second half of 2011 if carriers let them, and guess what? Its December 31st, 2011. No...
  10. Other Android Devices
    check this out . the day has finaly come that we have to not fear what we do to our devices. We can now unbrick our Razr's check it out peeps.
  11. Droid Razr
    Performing these steps will return your Verizon Droid Razr back to 100% stock. It can also be used to get your phone back to working order if it's not booting up. DOWNLOADS: Motorola USB Drivers - here RSD Lite 5.7 - here Stock ROM - here INSTRUCTIONS: 1. If you haven't already done so...
  12. Droid Razr way to overclock/undervolt this badboy yet??
  13. Droid Razr Development
    This package allows you to boot into the CWM recovery. CWM recovery means that nitroglycerine33's Bootstrap.(RazrBootstrap.apk from DroidRazr) This package is not an BMc08GT's "Clockwork on Boot".(from RootzWiki) BMc08GT's "Clockwork on Boot" does not work on our razr. But, i have got hint from...
  14. Droid Razr Development
    I'm korea Razr(XT910S) user. Our Rzar's statusbar battery display unit is 20%. I was modify for unit(10%) and changed icon. [Warning] This MOD was only test for XT910S.(Korea SKTelecom UMTS) The other similar model is not tested. This mod is will change for framework-res.apk. So, with bootloop...
  15. Thunderbolt
    So the only thing keeping me from buying a Rezound is the issue that thunderbolt has flashing AOSP roms... I think this is the ONLY reason I'm considering the Nexus. It is based off AOSP so theoretically... should be easily customized. Not to mention the popularity is gonna attracts a lot of...
  16. Droid Razr
    DISCLAIMER: I, nor RootzWiki, are liable or responsible for any damage to your phone. This is solely the users decision to "root" their phone. Enjoy! Root This easy one click method is for the Windows operating system. It will work with any software on your Droid Razr or Razr MAXX. 1. On...
  17. Droid Razr
    Gizmodo is reporting that Amazon Wireless may be selling the Razr today only for $111.11. If so, I might have to take my sights off the Nexus and jump back on the Motorola bandwagon. Anyone else feeling the urge to use up their upgrade...
  18. Droid Bionic
    Just as the title states, what do you think will happen with development on the Bionic now that a new flagship for Motorola is being released tomorrow? Do you think Motorola will unlock the Bionic now? Do you think developers will focus on the Razr, Nexus, or stick with the Bionic? With that...
1-18 of 18 Results