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  1. TeamGummy
    Not sure if this is where I post this issue or if anyone else is having same problem, but I can't seem to find any posts about them. First let me start by saying kudos to the team for putting out a bomb ass rom. Okay, here are some of the problems I'm having on my Bionic: 1. Reboots - Randomly...
  2. Droid Bionic
    Hello my fellow RootzWiki brothers and sisters. I have a weird problem. I'm using a Droid Bionic on 5.9.902 rooted and 43V3R Rooted. Sometimes if I install an app such as Angry Birds Seasons (Not in media area either) and I reboot my phone, the app will be clickable but when I it tries to run it...
  3. Android Applications
    Hi Guys, I just posted my first App the Android Market (so please be nice) & thought I would let you guys know It's called UDPro (UDP Pro) - Info copied from the Android Market Remotely control your Windows PC from your phone. Features included at the moment are: 1) Control Windows Media...
  4. HP Touchpad
    I have installed Cyanogen 9 Alpha 0.6 on Touchpad yesterday it was working great. But today my Touchpad is rebooting every 2 - 3 mins(on ICS). The only difference between today and yesterday is that I installed flash player 11. Is it only me or anybody else having this problem.
  5. HP Touchpad
    I notice that after installing CM7A3, the TP randomly reboots every day or 2, regardless of whether I'm booted up in WebOS or CM7. Upgrading to A3.5 made no difference. Not a major problem, more of an annoyance, but this morning I did finally witness the reboot. Unless I was running WebOS, I...
  6. HP Touchpad
    No major problems running CM7 Alpha 3.5, but occasionally I boot to WebOS for a particular game or to rent a video from the HP Store (which I can't do from the Android Market on a "rooted" device. If I leave the device running for a couple of days (seems like a day and a half) it will be...
  7. Galaxy Nexus
    I've had a couple random restarts since I rooted. All I've done is load CWM, load Nova Launcher as a system app, and give lightflow superuser rights. Anyone else having this issue? Anyone have any idea how to correct it?
  8. Droid Charge
    Ok i was running gummy charge 2.0 went into recovery cleared cache wiped data and put 2.1 in rebooted and stuck on red eye. removed battery many times reflashed with odin into recovery fts got nothing. what are everyones suggestions. what do i try next.
1-8 of 8 Results