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  1. Rezound
    Ok guys so for all you guys out there that are having these mainversion issues i have an EASY fix for you. i found this posted on xda so i take no credit for the fix. this is confirmed working. i have done it to my own rezound as well. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING THAT HAPPENS TO YOUR...
  2. Rezound
    Looking for a live wallpaper that eats up cpu, the heavy the better, I am trying to make my phone kick on the 2nd cpu.
  3. Rezound
    Htc Rezound unlocked, rooted but no busy box? How do I install busybox and where do I install it?
  4. HTC
    So I have an htc rezound unlocked and rooted but the rom did not come with busy box. How do I install busy box?
  5. Rezound
    So taxes are coming back within a week and im going to buy a rezound. I am coming from an og Inc with s-off. So for preparation of the rezound I have started reading up on it. I would say I am above knowledge than the average user and what I am reading is confusing. We dont get s-off we just get...
  6. Android
    Verizon sent me a clnr droid razr, and a clnr rezound to chose from to replace my 3rd faulty droid charge. The question is, which do i keep??? bootloader not really a problem, as long as i have root. Help me out on deciding .
  7. Rezound
    I just got my free upgrade/replacement for my Thunderbolt today and I want to assist in the support for development of a 4.0.X MIui rom for this badass Rezound I'm rocking. For details on donations, message me. Thanks in advance, I know someone here can see this through.
  8. Rezound
    Hi Everyone, I was looking through posts on some websites about the wifi tethering for the rezound (using Wifi Tether for Root Users) being ad-hoc only. Can I get a confirmation from those of you with the rezound running on temp root? I'm currently running a rooted TBolt and use wifi tether...
  9. Rezound
    Just wait till more HTC Devices come out in the future, The want and need for S-OFF will increase dramatically. Usually when the Bootloader is cracked on one HTC phone multiple phones follow it as the exploit works on all of the phones. There was another HTC phone for Verizon announced today to...
  10. Thunderbolt
    So the only thing keeping me from buying a Rezound is the issue that thunderbolt has flashing AOSP roms... I think this is the ONLY reason I'm considering the Nexus. It is based off AOSP so theoretically... should be easily customized. Not to mention the popularity is gonna attracts a lot of...
  11. Rezound
    So this is a repeat of what Bolt owners went through, and a big +1 to HTC phones for having the ability to do this. Dial ##778#, call edit mode password is 000000 modem settings Rev. A select "enable" menu > commit phone will reboot and you should get 3G back This changes your network from...
  12. Rezound
    So here is exactly what happened... This morning when I woke up I saw that I had a missed call and had a voicemail. What was weird was that is showed up with as a traditional voicemail and the notification linked me to call the Verizon *86 rather then direct me to the Google Voice recording of...
  13. Rezound
    Thanks to jcardona1 over at DF for finding this... here's the link: Just did it myself and appears to have worked.... I would take screenshots and print out to cover yourself if VZW comes back saying they won't fulfill it. Here's mine:
  14. Rezound
    I know that we can't do a whole lot with this yet, but for those that can or want to, here's the full system dump for the Rezound: I assumed this was out there somewhere already, but have only seen links to partial dumps, so thought this might be helpful down the road...
  15. Rezound
    I already posted this over at XDA, but wanted to make the same offer here at Rootz (as urged by the IRC channel users). My post: I understand that someone (EvilDevNull) has apparently achieved S-Off, but was unable to prove it and the phone's owner left before he could prove it (he does not...
  16. Rezound
    Hi all, Due to a lack of information, I called up Amazon Wireless to check in on their promotion of buying a hotspot-capable phone (Rezound currently included at the price of $200 for new customers, $230 for upgrades) and activating Mobile Hotspot at the time ($20/month). If you do this, you...
1-16 of 16 Results