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  1. Galaxy Nexus Themes
    I have posted some of these in the Wallpaper forum here on Rootz but I'm sure many of you don't check there often. Here are some Rootz walls I have made. They are sized specifically for our Gnexus. Hope you enjoy. Make sure you download the walls from the link, not the preview pic...
  2. Android Applications
    Has anyone else had issues with the Rootzwiki Notifications not working? I am using the paid version from the market. I have the settings correct, but nothing comes through. Thanks!
  3. Wallpapers
    Mod Type:: Wallpaper Difficulty:: Very Easy Mod Status:: Stable Apply In:: Other (See Description) Requires Root:: No Source:: This is a precursor to wallpapers made by staff and users. If you would like to contribute you can get the vectors here: DOWNLOAD Here is a punch logo (preview) ...
  4. Galaxy Nexus
    Then: I have tried rooting previous phones in the past with minimal success. I never learned any lingo. I got as far as getting wifi tether working. Now: I am very new to RootzWiki, but that being said, you guys have all helped out so much and have shed some great stuff in other threads that I...
  5. HP Touchpad
    I wonder if anyone else is having such issues. When I visit Rootzwiki, it loads everything but the text. The browser says it's still loading but the text does not load until 20 seconds later. Here are some screenshots of what I mean:
  6. Off-Topic
    In order to protest SOPA and PIPA, I propose that Rootzwiki should go dark for 24 hours, or the day of January 18th. XDA is doing it, Reddit is doing it, Mozilla is doing it, even the popular game Minecraft is following in the footsteps of Reddit. What do you say Rootzwiki? STOP SOPA!
  7. Galaxy Nexus
    So me and birdman went to best buy today and we brought one of the GSM models along and we got a quick glimpse of what is to come and what we see in difference. I wish I got pictures but honestly, it made me sick because I want the phone that bad. Weight: Virtually nothing. You will need a...
1-7 of 7 Results