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  1. Thunderbolt Development
    UPDATE: First link is working now and is WAY faster SPECIAL THANKS TO th33ch0 for the hosting!!! You rock!!! If you like the ROM please rate the Thread and Thank Me Ok Everyone As Promised here is the NEW SHIFTS3NS3 3.0. I have taken the 2.11.605.9 base and decided to implement a full S3NS3...
  2. Thunderbolt Development
    UPDATE: 2.1.1 Has fixed the Root Access Super User and WiFi Issues. At this time the only known issue is that Panorama mode doesnt work on the Camera. If you need Panorama mode, please flash the S3NS3 3.0 Camera Add-On below it works perfect Sorry about the 2.1 release guess I'm just not...
1-2 of 2 Results