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  1. Galaxy Nexus
    Hey Guys - Installed miui the other day on my GNex running 4.0.3. Things started acting up shortly after that. Yesterday while taking pictures my Gnex wouldn't save any of them. I would click the shutter button, take a picture and no preview would show up. In addition, if I went into Gallery...
  2. EVO 4G
    So over on the AOKP ICS thread for the Evo 4g someone posted about formatting the sc card to EXT 4 because it handles Linux better. Also they recommended to partition the SD Card and use DarkTremors A2SD. In the 2 years Ive been rooted I never saw or understood the need to. I have changed the...
  3. Galaxy Nexus
    which is the best rom for the galaxy nexus ,how do i flash roms on there?, what is a virtual sd card? will i be able to use ODIN still? what is fastboot and bootstrap how will i flash CWM? can i use one click root if not how do i root? anything else i should know before i buy it? plz reply
  4. Development
    Can anyone tell me what file tells a ROM to mount the internal and external sd card when plugged into the computer? Im messing around and can only get the internal to mount and not the external. Thanks!
  5. Droid Incredible
    New to the forums so Hello! and I appreciate any help you can offer! I had gotten fed up with the DInc low memory notification and having to clear app data consistently so I decided to go ahead and root. After doing my research and getting pointed to I...
1-5 of 5 Results