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  1. Galaxy Nexus
    I'm curious to see what everyone's running for best battery life and performance. With all of the possible ROM and kernel combinations, I'm sure there's bound to be some interesting setups. Not to mention all the tweaks out there. Here's mine. ROM: AOKP Build 28 I disable auto-brightness and...
  2. Galaxy S II (All Variants)
    What Type of ROM are you runningWhat is your ROM based onTouchWiz1145.83%AOSP - CM1145.83%AOSP - MIUI28.33%
  3. Thunderbolt
    Do I need to have service on the Tbolt to root it, install a new ROM, and get it setup? I have a friend that wants to send me his tbolt so that I can root, but he cannot go that long without a phone so he was going to reactivate his crackberry while I rooted. Thanks in advance for any advice.
1-3 of 3 Results