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  1. Samsung General
    guys im stuck with a decision here. I would love to get some feedback or knowledge from anyone here. Ive been running a uscc samsung mesmerise for almost a year now with a somewhat new pair of bose earbuds and have been loving it and voodoo and the rest of the audio effects, quality, and...
  2. Unofficial AOKP Ports
    I Solved first in porting of AOKP: -keyboard problems -phone, ril, signal problems - ported smdk4210 ril into /thx the advices to codeworkx/ -sms sending problem -better 3g / speed -etc... -All other sources are only from vm9, AOKP, CNA, and IceoldSandwich roms /other device/. My Pledgie...
1-2 of 2 Results