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  1. Galaxy Nexus
    Hey all, been using the Sixaxis controller app for a couple of days and let me tell you, it's a winner. I primarily downloaded this to help with playing GTA III on my projector to give me a more Console-ish feel to my gaming experience, but soon i found myself downloading profiles for all the...
  2. Asus Transformer Prime
    I just bought a PS3 sixaxis controller to use with my TP to play gta 3, and everytime I use my controller it doesn't work very well. I followed the instructions for mapping the controller and in-game layout, following everything to the letter to set it up and the only thing that seems to work...
  3. Galaxy Nexus
    I was playing around with SixAxis and Grand Theft Auto 3 the other day, and because no one has found the key binding for Sprint/Accelerate or Shoot to use with Sixaxis + Playstation 3 controller, they resorted to using the newly implemented feature, "touch emulation" in Sixaxis. The problem is...
1-3 of 3 Results