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  1. Android Applications
    I developed this app to help people communicate more frequently, particularly in light of the pandemic. It has helped me and many others and I’ve received some great feedback so far. The app has no ads and complements your default SMS text messaging, call and email apps. It may be downloaded...
  2. Mesmerize / Fascinate / Showcase
    Hello Android community! I have a couple problems, not sure if anyone has encountered this or not but here we go. I am currently running ICS Build 6 and recently I have a notification saying I am low in storage space. I have 1.1 G free of storage so obviously the phone is telling me a lie...
  3. Android Applications
    Hi Everyone, I'm wondering what is your take on the best open source SMS app? I'm getting sick of developing off of SMSPopup... is there any other ones that are better? Thanks!
  4. Android
    is there any known way of getting texts from your android device to your PC? Example, my droid3 gets a text and instead of pulling that up, I can continue to use my pc to reply and send a text back? I know there is google talk which is something of the same, but that is also a different phone...
1-4 of 4 Results