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  1. Droid X
    SLIM SOFT KEYS FOR CM9 beta on MIUIv4 Here ya Fithly I WILL Try and keep up to date, just seems easier this way. I'm not responsible blah blah blah Build 25: Build 27: Build 28: Build 301r1:
  2. Galaxy Nexus Themes
    I want to thank JaeKar99 for his boot ani tut. He did the desaturated ani for me. I used his tut to do the inverted ani. I want to thank Atticus from the softkey theme thread for his ZipThemer Tut (which I kanged below) and his Softkey_Modder tool. Props. I want to thank @bgill55 for the...
  3. Galaxy Nexus
    Hey DEVS! Would anyone else like the search soft key that is being added as a mod be used strictly to bring up Google Voice Action? I think it would rock and I'd be willing to buy someone a beer if they would like to implement it as a mod that we could all flash! (especially if we have gotten...
1-3 of 3 Results