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  1. Site News
    Take all these rumors with a grain of salt. The rumor mill has frankly given me a headache lately with all the hoopla over the Nexus 5 but here is one you may not have heard. A reliable source inside Sprint has given us the word that the LG G-Flex the smartphone with the first "real" curved...
  2. Sprint
    Pretty much as the title states. Personally I'm considering the Galaxy Nexus that Sprint will be getting or a decent dual core phone with a physical qwerty keyboard, say an Evo Shift 2 of sorts.
  3. Android
    Ok sooooooooo I currently have the htc evo 4g and have been on it sice it came out... It finaly craped out on me so Im looking to upgrade tho so kinda need some feedback and suggestions please. Lookin for something preferably with front facing camera 4g Wifi hotspot big screen and Fast! Thanks.
1-3 of 3 Results