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  1. Mesmerize / Fascinate / Showcase
    Hello Android community! I have a couple problems, not sure if anyone has encountered this or not but here we go. I am currently running ICS Build 6 and recently I have a notification saying I am low in storage space. I have 1.1 G free of storage so obviously the phone is telling me a lie...
  2. HP Touchpad
    Hey everyone, New user to the forums but a weekly reader, go easy please. I've noticed there was a "fix" to adjust the size of the internal partition for applications in CM7 to avoid having errors or moving apps to "sd." So, I was wondering if a fix is in the works for CM9 because I'm sick of...
  3. Droid X
    Can someone please explain to me what the /sdcard-ext is for. I know on my tablet the sdcard-ext is my actual external sdcard but on the droid x my /sdcard is my actual external sdcard. Is the the additional storage on the internal memory? Can't find it actually mounted anywhere or hard...
1-3 of 3 Results