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  1. T-Mobile Engine
    {**NOTE BEFORE BUYING**} A drop of Charlie Sheen's semen, and a 7 gram rock, were infused in this theme. Seriously though, this theme is intended for rooted devices running a custom rom with the theme chooser app pre-installed. Soon there will be standalone GO Launcher Themes, but currently...
  2. T-Mobile Engine
    Welcome to the official Decked out Themes for Theme Chooser thread. Albeit there are hundreds of Theme Chooser themes floating around, you will find the Decked Out line to be the cleanest and most complete theme on the market. As of version 3.0, there are more than 5,500 theme elements...
  3. Droid Incredible Development
    So i have been working for sometime making this and i wanted to share with you guys. Its a blue and black theme for the CM7 theme chooser. I used Waterpolo's theme as a base but i added what i was looking for in a theme. Thanks to: Waterpolo : I used his blue theme as a template to make my own...
1-3 of 3 Results