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  1. Galaxy S II (All Variants)
    Rooted, stock Tmobile Galaxy S2, using Titanium to "frost" a bunch of the apps that tmobile thinks i want and should be running in the background. My phone has been showing 100% battery both in the icon in the notification bar and using a battery widget for the last few days. Today while driving...
  2. Galaxy S II (All Variants)
    When my galaxy s2 is off and i plug it in to charge it automatically turns on, anyone else having this issue?
  3. T-Mobile Engine
    *****Requires T-Mobile's Theme Engine found in CyanogenMod's Roms***** *****Requires Root***** *****HDPI only***** *****PLEASE FOLLOW INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST TIME INSTALLING A THEME FOR THE THEME ENGINE***** v1.4 Update (Donate Version Only) v1.3 (Free Version)...
1-3 of 3 Results