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  1. Site News
    That's right... a brand new shiny Transformer Prime!! Read this for more info:
  2. Asus Transformer
    Welcome to Red Noire! This is a system theme for the TF101 Transformer running AOKP ROM. The official download for AOKP is here. Themed elements include: framework-res.apk systemui.apk LatinIME.apk settings.apk Gmail.apk Email.apk (more to come!) Downloads: Milestone 4...
  3. Asus Transformer Prime
    !***UPDATED***! HOW TO DISASSEMBLE PRIME + MODIFICATIONS (& DISCUSSION THEREOF) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  4. Asus Transformer Prime
    Hello Members, I have a couple of questions that I have been trying to get answered for over a month and I hope an Transformer Prime owner can finally answer my question. This is planned to be my first tablet that I ever have had and since I am a school student, I am planning to record my...
  5. Asus Transformer Prime So now that the Prime is announced how many are going to be jumping on this thing. I know I have fought wanting to buy the original for a while waiting on it. It looks good and should be a phenomenal...
1-5 of 5 Results