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  1. Galaxy Nexus
    Are there any undervolt apps out there that work with ICS? I happy with stock right now except for battery and has hoping there was an undervolt option out there I just couldn't find in searches for this phone. I rather address battery now and start trying out ROMs a little later. Roland
  2. Android Applications
    This is a thread like JC (JohnCorleone/ACS) for posting and sharing your Tegrak Overclock/undervolt setttings. I figured I would post my settings in case others wanted to try and see what they can tweak. Feel free to use these if they work or share ones that work for you Phone: Sprint's ET4G...
  3. Hardware Development
    File Name: NeoVolt-Agressive Undervolt Script File Submitter: IAmTheOneTheyCallNeo File Submitted: Today, 01:42 PM File Category: Hardware DownloadChangelogEdit ModUndervolting with Incredicontrol This is a voltage changing script I made that is meant to be used with Chad's Incredicontrol...
1-3 of 3 Results