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  1. Verizon
    Hey. Current Droid X user up for an upgrade in April. I've been following phone rumors for a while, but with the HTC One X having been announced for AT&T (much to my disappointment), I'm really not sure what phone I should want to get come my upgrade. The Galaxy Nexus and Razr Maxx are the two...
  2. Droid 3
    I am running Titanium Backup Pro and have frozen quite a few apps, including "My Verizon" and VZ Music. Both of these programs come up in the Market for an update/upgrade. If they're frozen, they shouldn't come up at all, right?? I've cleared the cache for all apps and even formatted the phone...
  3. Vibrant
    I'm sorry if there's already a post out there, but it's confusing to read :S My problem is that I am trying to upgrade my phone to 2.3.3, and Kies said my phone is not supported, so I was wondering if you guys have better solutions for this. I looked up in a lot of places, and because of...
1-3 of 3 Results