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    Last year's Droid Maxx was, of course, a fan favorite in Verizon's network for its relatively long-lasting 3500mAh battery and all the cool Moto X features such as Active Display and voice controls. As expected (and leaked more than NSA snooping stories), Big Red announced the successor Tuesday...
  2. Android
    We've all heard of VoLTE, and some of us have gotten rather excited about it. VoLTE, for those of you that aren't familiar with it, stands for Voice Over LTE (Long Term Evolution). It's going to shake up the ways customers use voice minutes, and might bring forth faster and more reliable voice...
  3. Site News
    Tech bloggers and Big Red haters once again expressed outrage over an inability to get a 4G sim card for a new tablet account on Verizon Wireless, to use the Nexus 7 4G tablet. However, their anger was unfortunately misplaced. Verizon quickly assured those folks the Nexus 7 4G tablet was...
1-3 of 3 Results