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  1. Google Products
    It's finally starting. Google Voice users have been languishing for what feels like years waiting for Google to better integrate Google Voice into Hangouts, and now the Mother of All Update Wednesdays is here. The Hangouts app was fairly revamped with its 2.3 release. With a much greener...
  2. Android Applications
    Qiico's Alarm is an alarm app with an easy-to-use recording function. You can easily change Qiico settings simply by following the wizard system. You can set either your own recorded voice or your own music in the cell phone as an alarm sound. Create your own alarm sound! You can record your...
  3. HP Touchpad
    Google Voice | about: forwarding calls to Touchpad instead of phone - FREE Groove IP - $4.99 $1.99 @ Amazon Appstore! Groove IP alternatives: ------------------------------------------------- Update: Mic problems , so far US/Canada only To fix incoming sound: To fix outgoing sound:
1-3 of 3 Results