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  1. Mesmerize / Fascinate / Showcase
    I have a C Spire Galaxy s Showcase and i recently tried to root my device with Odin. My phone is stuck in recovery mode (CwM Voodoo Lagfix Recovery v2.5.1.x) and it says " E :Can't mount /dev/block/stl11 (File exists) E :Can't mount /dev/block/stl11 (File exists) E :Can't mount CACHE...
  2. Droid Charge
    I'm using a new Voodoo application announced by supercurio a couple of days ago on xda. I've been using accurate screen settings and the difference is noticeable. Give it a try an see what you think. Voodoo Screen Tuning Original xda Thread
  3. G2X Development
    Trinity G2x This kernel aims at bringing performance and usability to your phone. Is this kernel where i want it to be? No, not yet. Is it worth flashing? Yes it is. It seems cpasjuste's UV feature is something hard to get around, so I didn't fight the source and just included this. So what...
1-3 of 3 Results