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  1. Site News
    Google may be seeing the writing on the wall. NFC adoption is still moving slowly, probably towards its own demise. It is believed by some that retailers have scaled back implementation of NFC kiosks because of the lack of compatibility from the iPhone. Google in turn has made some moves away...
  2. Galaxy Nexus
    Recently I've seen much discussion about the security model of Android and root, especially when t comes to something like the recent Google Wallet vulnerability. Also, as everyone has probably heard, CM9 apparently is going to have root as optional in the future. What are your thoughts on...
  3. Galaxy Nexus
    Google has added back the ability to use pre-paid cards. I was able to reactivate my prepaid card and it has the same remaining balance as it had before. If you are setting it up on a different device than you had it on before you are apparently suppose to call Google to make that work.
  4. Galaxy Nexus
    1. Go to on your phone. 2. Choose browser. 3. Search Google Wallet, choose browser. 4. Click icon, NOT INSTALL. 5. Choose Market this time. And you can update/install via market! Or just use this .apk for the lazy...
  5. Galaxy Nexus
    I used it once so far and it worked great. At the same store the next day it didnt work, tried it again this morning and it didnt work.. First time it worked on rev41 second and third on same rev failed, updated to r48 the most current now and Ill try again.. Has anyone else seen this when...
  6. Galaxy Nexus
    can anyone try adding funds to an already working installation, seems like the prepaid card vendor's network is having issues at the moment. thx!
  7. Galaxy Nexus
    PLZ Help! I was using Google Wallet on my 1st Galaxy Nexus. The phone had some issues so I sent it back for a replacement device. I was under the impression my g-wallet funds synced to my google account. I installed a Rom with Wallet preloaded- opened it up expecting it to sync my wallet...
  8. Galaxy Nexus;txt WTF This is like the main reason i wanted this phone...
1-8 of 8 Results