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  1. General Themes / Extras
    Samantha Conner is pretty well known in the Android community for customization and icon themes. From Noci to her other well known works (see here), to her most recent icon pack called Ivory. Ivory icons make up a minimalist white launcher theme (hence the name Ivory) accented with just the...
  2. Galaxy Nexus Themes
    I've been on a bit of a Fringe kick lately and I couldn't find any decent fringe wallpapers so I decided to make a few. Thought i'd throw them up on here for you guys because they go so well with the ICS color scheme, hope you like them.
  3. Wallpapers
    Those that know of me, know I make a ton of wallpapers, some good some not but i's all for fun. Eveyrthing is on my website Since some people had asked for an app for things as a way to donate, i've started making that available. The first one is the Superhero...
  4. Galaxy Nexus Themes
    I am proud to present you a huge collection of 191 Black-inspired Wallpapers for the Galaxy Nexus I'd be grateful if you want to press the Thanks button if you're going to use these wallpapers! To make optimal use of our Galaxy Nexus's Super AMOLED HD screen I have compiled some great...
  5. General Themes / Extras
    This is a comprehensive ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) icon and image dump organized by originating folder/apk including all live wallpaper images and the live wallpaper apk files. \\For Audio Files from ICS Here// (all drawable folders will be in one folder, if you want seperated drawable folder it'd...
  6. Wallpapers
    Every so often I make what were dubbed on twitter as Jaivatars, they are Android avatars/wallpapers that I made of different characters. Attached is the IronDroid one. I could only attach one file otherwise Id have put more screens. The latest are Ironman, Batman, Optimus Prime, Captain...
1-6 of 6 Results