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  1. Galaxy Nexus Themes
    Mod Type:: Icons Difficulty:: Very Easy Mod Status:: Stable Apply In:: CWM Recovery Carrier:: Verizon Requires Root:: Yes Source:: Here is a a small kang I made of a couple different mods that I enjoyed and thought I would take the time to share them with everyone else. This uses the VZW...
  2. Galaxy Nexus Themes
    Hey guys... Had a second today and remember reading that someone wanted to see this happen. I'm not a big fan of the way this looks but I wanted to put it out there for anyone interested (I swear someone wanted this lol, if not whatever... two minutes to cut/paste the weather line and luckily I...
  3. Android Applications
    Is there an app or an .apk someone could point me towards that either is the weather service or widget used on stock motoblur or one that closely emulates it? Thanks
1-3 of 3 Results