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  1. Rezound
    I haven't found a way to see that actual percentage of the battery on this phone. Is there? I do better with real numbers than graphical representations. I don't trust them....especially with a graphical representation of 1/2 full actually means 40%. When I hit 40% charge I want to be plugging...
  2. Droid Incredible 2 / S
    I figured I would make a thread to discuss themes, widgets, and customizing your homescreens for the Incredible 2. Please keep it clean. Here's mine right now. It's a simple ICS theme for CM7, but pretty basic.
  3. Themed Apps/Widgets
    DARKWIDGETS Android Pro Widget Themes DARK: ICS Blue: RED: BLUE: PINK: GREEN: ORANGE: PURPLE: Search APW DARKWIDGETS in the market or djdarkknight.
1-3 of 3 Results