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Build 3

Jelly Beans is Geared Towards Users that want the look of AOSP but want the stability and feautures of touchwiz (Theme Coming Soon!)

-Based off of My Deodexed OTA VRUAMDK 4.2.2
-Native all apps in Multiwindow
-True Init.D Support
-Enabled Mobile Hotspot
-Added Wifi, Hotspot, Air Gesture, Blocking Toggles
-Removed Annoying Location Icon
-Removed 100% full battery Notification
-Removed All traces of Software Update
-Added Ringtones MIUI/CM
-Build.prop Tweaks
-Custom settings Menu
-1% Battery Mod
-3 size resizable popup browser
-4-way Reboot Menu
-Emoji Keyboard
-Enabled All rotations
-jellybean wallpapers
-Shutter sound menu on camera
-Disabled increasing ringtone
-Wifi notif killer mod
-Crt Off Animation
-Longpress Menu to Kill Current App
-Disabled Scrolling Cache
-Disabled Signature checking
-Enabled ALL mms options
-Zipaligned on Boot

Custom Settings:
-Rom Control
*IME Toggle
*Edge Zoom Toggle
*Home Wake Toggle
*Longpress to skip tracks Toggle
*Clock position toggle
*Am/Pm style toggle
*Day of Week Toggle
*Clock Color changer
*StatusBar Color Changer
*Alarm Icon Toggle
*Battery Icon Picker & Options
*Battery Bar Toggle & Options

-App Settings
*Cpu Control (trickster mod)
*Fast Dormancy Toggle
*gps quick fix
*Media Scanner Fix

-Xposed Settings
*Xposed Framework installer
*Per App Dpi Settings
*Theme Engine
*Xposed Tweakbox

-Beans OTA Updater​

md5: a828fed9936e307e0bbba2a06aa9742c​

old builds can be found here: http://www.androidfi...=show&flid=5535

Build 3 - 06-21-13
-Completely redid custom settings(thanks Sbreen94)​
-Added IME Toggle​
-Added Edge Zoom Toggle​
-Added Home Wake Toggle​
-Added Longpress to skip tracks Menu​
-Added Clock position toggle​
-Added Am/Pm style toggle​
-Added Day of Week Toggle​
-Added Clock Color changer​
-Added StatusBar Color Changer​
-Added Alarm Icon Toggle​
-Added Battery Icon Picker & Options​
-Added Battery Bar Toggle & Options​
-Added Cpu Control (trickster mod)​
-Added Fast Dormancy Toggle​
-Added gps quick fix app​
-Added Media Scanner Fix app​
-Added xposedTheme Engine​
-Added Beans OTA Updater​
-Added Native All apps in Multiwindow​
-Added Driving Mode to settings​
-Added Crt-Off animation​
-Added Longpress Menu to Kill Current App​
-Disabled Scrolling Cache​
-Disabled Signature checking​
-Disabled 100% full battery Notification​
-updated All apps in rom​
-Probably more i forgot​

Build 2 - 06-04-13
-added back languages
-fixed voice on camera
-added hotspot toggle
-fixed Battery % errors
-updated youtube
-updated watchon

Build 1 - 06-02-13
-removed wifi notification
-removed all amazon apps
-removed all tutorials and videos
-removed verizons software updater
-removed trip adbvisor
-removed verizon navigator, verion security, verizon tones
-removed all non us languages
-removed Cb message
-added sqlite3
-added cm/miui ringtones
-added international samsung bootanim
-added 4 way reboot menu
-added init.d tweaks
-added browser tweaks
-added launcher tweaks
-added jellybean wallpapers
-added wifi, dormant, airgesture toggle
-added blocking mode(wip)
-added blocking mode(wip)
-added multiwindow manager(all apps in MW)
-added esfile explorer (root explorer)
-added custom tweaks
-added screen on/off option to mms
-added split view opion to mms
-added bunch of mms/sms tweaks
-added shutter sound menu on camera
-added disabled increasing ringtone
-added emoji keyboard
-updated all apps!


Step 1-
Make sure u have a loki recovery
Step 2-
Wipe all(factory reset and davlick wipe) if coming from an old build
Step 3-
Install the Rom
Step 4-
Reboot and Enjoy!

some root apps will not work without a kernel with setuid restrictions removed. i suggest flashing faux or kt747 kernel for full superuser compatability

For Feature Requests and bug reports please visit my google docs page:

djrbliss - For the loki method on the att and vzw s4's
didact74 - Massive thanks, for being a modding genious
Rephyc- for being a beast even though he dissapeared
Sbreen94- for some mods and other things
scrosler- for the base rom and teaching me aroma basics
Angus MacGyver - for the Boot animation.. thanks a bunch
KennyGlass123 - For being an awesome MOD
tazer2death - for the awesome signature and supporter signature
Maybe More if i forgot u let me know and i will add you!

Photosphere Camera - http://www.androidfi...901594685177927

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No replies? Really? Love this ROM. So smooth without losing functionality

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The stock features are cool. But aren't enough to keep me on a TW ROM. Just need the customization more than the features I suppose
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It was released there first, which would speak more as to why there are less replies here. His build for the S3 had a huge following here on rootz.. for good reason.

Android nerd
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Most excellent! Just got my S4 and this is the configuration I was looking\hoping for.
Never had much experience with TW (coming from the GNex) but I kinda like it a little. At least I plan to play with it for awhile.
This takes all the poop out so I don't have to.
Many, many thanks BeansTown106, you are my hero!
Hopefully I will find more time to get back into working with Android. Life has been kicking my butt lately. :)

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Saw the change log for build 3 on XDA and really am looking forward to giving it a shot. Been a AOKP user for quite a while. Need that aosp look to replace the awful tw one.

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Running like a beast in conjuction with kt747.....any idea why text only battery has such dark font color though?

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