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Hello Flashmaniacs

Huge Thanks To Evokings And Aamikam For The Base Found Here

This Rom Is The Best Greatest Smoothest Fastest Awesomest Amazing Etc...Sense 2.1/3.0 Rom For The HTC Droid Incredible :D]
#1 ShIft REwInD RLS1​

  • Incubus26jc
  • Evokings
  • Ihtfp69
  • Aamikam
  • Seo
  • Newtoroot

  • Base - Official Evo Shift 4g OTA
  • HTC Custom BootAnimation
  • Extra quick setttings
  • Deodexed
  • Odexed
  • Trackpad Wake/Unlock
  • Kernel: Stock from Ginger Leak
  • Busybox, Root, Superuser...
  • Amon Ra Compatible
  • Automatic ZipAlign by Wes Garner, slightly adjusted by Robocik.
  • Optimizing script added by Robocik
  • Increased dalvik for better performance
  • Increased Wifi scan to 90 for better battery
  • Cyanogenmod screen off animations (Thanks Capychimp and Robocik :) )
  • Green Overscroll Glow
  • Transparent App Drawer And Notification Pull Down


  • Moved Dalvik-Cache To Cache Partition (Thanks Robicik)
  • SD Card Speed Fix (Thanks Mike1986)


  • Bluetooh
  • Wifi
  • Netflix
  • Hardware acceleration
  • Proxy Sensors
  • Gps
  • Mms
  • 720p Playback


  • Music App Doesn't Scam EMMC
  • You Tell Me :)


  • Added 4x5 Transparent App Drawer
    [*]Took Out 3D Carousel
    [*]Added Notification Pull Down Transparency
    [*]Added Rosie Navbar Transparency
    [*]Took Out Sprint Apps
    [*]Fixed MMS
    [*]New Lockscreen Ring
    [*]New Lockscreen Navbar
    [*]Added Sense 3.0 Camera With Working 720p
    [*]Added HTC Mirror App
    [*]Added Battery %
    [*]Added 4G LTE Icon
    [*]Fixed Emmc Mount To PC
    [*]Fixed Personalize>Lockscreen Force Close While In Landscape Mode
    [*]Added Rotating Rosie
    [*]Fixed Netflix
    [*]Added Sense 3.0 Low Cache Wizard
    [*]New Default Wallpaper
    [*]Added Exile Font
    [*]Added HTC Trace Keyboard
    [*]Added Trackpad Wake/Unlock
    [*]Added Unlimited Browser Tabs
    [*]Added Option For Stock Aosp Lockscreen In Settings>Display
    [*]Added Option To Turn CRT Animation On And Off In Settings>Display
    [*]More Things I Can't Remember

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