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Make sure you are already on Task's rom and have it booted into it once first. Don't flash Task's rom and then flash the theme without booting in between both flashes.


*Updated to support current rom
*started to use diff ver system for the roms
*stock HC font for quick panel clock
*minus bug fixes
v1.1 - v1.9
*I really dont remember lol
*Initial public release

v1.0 - v1.8
*Whole crap load of internal testing (Thanks for the help PookiePrancer)

Thanks To:
  • task650 - For his awesome rom's
  • Bazar617 - For all his support and teaching me on what to do on XML
  • alterbridge86 - Giving me a hand on some XML help
  • Hooolm - Giving me a XML base to compare to and mod from
  • Vertumus - for letting me poke at his XML tweaks and his reboot images
  • The Donators - Huge Thanks to the few of you that have donated as if it was not for you I would of stopped this madness weeks ago
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