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Make sure you are already on Task's rom and have it booted into it once first. Don't flash Task's rom and then flash the theme without booting in between both flashes.

[ Accurate Battery Download ] [ Standard Battery Download ]

[ Wallpaper 1 ] [ Wallpaper 2 ] [ Wallpaper 3 ] [ Wallpaper 4 ]

*cleaned up junk in SystemUI
*added standard battery ver!
*Updated to support current rom
*started to use diff ver system for the roms
*changed clock font to default Jetstream Font
*now when you toggle anything off in quick panel the icon will reflect it
*changed some of the quick panel icons
*new reboot menu (yes again)
*changed brightness scrubber to the HTC one
*internal testing
*fixed close button on quick panel (still may need some tweaking)
*switched to Vertumus' reboot icons
*Changed Clock Font
*Added Wifi Activity indicators
*Changed Default Wallpapers
*Updated Base Framework
v1.7 - v2.0
*Internal testing for problems mentioned in thread (Still not fixed)
*Fixed Default wallpapers
*Added bootanimation to get rid of creepy eye

*theme'd reboot menu and more icons (like alarm) to fit theme & new default walls

*Quick settings menu is transparent again (YAY)
*Few jumps in ver numbers dew to bugs moving to Task5.0

Beta 6
*Theme'd settings icons
Beta 5
*Nothing major just theme'd more of the framework

Beta 4
*I am a noob and I fixed the battery for real, I swear! really! REALLY REALLY! lol
Beta 3
*Removed the stock redundant Batt% and now mine will show your Accurate %
Beta 2
*Moved Battery Back over to the right more where it should be (Oops)

Thanks To:
  • task650 - For his awesome rom's
  • Bazar617 - For all his support and teaching me on what to do on XML
  • alterbridge86 - Giving me a hand on some XML help
  • Hooolm - Giving me a XML base to compare to and mod from
  • Vertumus - for letting me poke at his XML tweaks and his reboot images
  • PookiePrancer - For testing all the random I throw their way and still donating to me
  • The Donators - Huge Thanks to the few of you that have donated as if it was not for you I would of stopped this madness weeks ago
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