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I'm from Portugal, and after a few weeks of searching rootzwiki and some projects i've decided to go for a project with a 2012 Nexus 32 Gb.

At this time i've collected some information about the required hardware to accomplish this multimedia setup, so i will list the things i (think) need, and i would like to ask your opinion, and if i'm not choosing the right piece of hardware please let me know:

- Nexus 7 32GB - Version 2012

- Dock Station -

- DC-DC converter (12v to 5v for N7) -

- OTG Cable

- DELOCK usb hub -

- DELOCK usb power adapter -

- Audio groundloop isolator -

- RCA Y Splitter to split to 4 channels AMP -

- DAC USB Muse DA10 -

- RCA to RCA Cable -

OK, now i will explain how i think i should setup the connections if i'm saying something stupid, please correct me.

I'll use a dock station to fix in my dash to be able to easly remove the tablet whenever i want.

So, first i will connect the DC-DC converter to car battery using the ignition power -> then connect the DELOCK USB hub to power up the nexus through the dock station.

Now i need your help, what's the best way to connect to the DAC USB from nexus and power up the DAC itself?

After this step i should connect the DAC to Audio groundloop isolator and then use the RCA Y splitter to connect to the 4 channel amplifier. I believe i didn't forget anything.

Possible connection diagram


I've some doubts about the USB HUB. Maybe there are better options that can be used to connect an external USB HDD or USB Flash drive??

Feel free to give your opinions.

As soon as i start the dash customization i will post some pictures.

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