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Mod Type:: Kernel

Difficulty:: Moderate

Mod Base:: TouchWiz (Samsung)

Mod Status:: Ceased

Apply In:: CWM Recovery

Carrier:: Verizon

Optional:: Insecure Boot

Requires Root:: No

Optional:: Overclocked

Android Version:: 2.3.X (GB)

Here is the initial release of my kernel. I'd like to have some other stuff fixed/working, but for now, this is it. I've made a lot of changes and I tried to list them all below, but I know there is stuff that I missed. Currently, the only issue that I know of is that the boot animation will be out of sync and may skip on boot. I have currently retained the stock boot animation, but custom boot animations are also possible if people would like them.

Also, while this kernel can work for recovery, I currently have not tested it, so recovery will remain what it is (ie. jt1134's CWM). I plan on testing recovery soon and releasing an updated Odin for it, as well as just having the kernel zip re-flash recovery.

Installation Instructions:
1. Download zip
2. Transfer to SDCard
3. Reboot into recovery, you'll need to have CWM if you don't already
4. Install zip from SDCard and select the zip you downloaded.
5. Reboot and enjoy

New Low Memory Killer settings
Reworked method for boot animations to avoid issues when going back to the stock kernel

Fix WiFi

Update with FP1 source
See Github for full change log

Custom boot animation support (looks for /system/media/ - thanks tonsit
SIO I/O Scheduler
Fix 720p Video recording - thanks m0ounds
Set swappiness to 0
SmartassV2 should now be the default

Kernel for EP4 OTA
Interactive, Smartass v2 CPU Governors, Interactive is the default
Overclocking and Custom undervolting support (Voltage Control recommended, SetCPU also works)
- Initial undervolt has been set via an init.d script
Slight overclock to the GPU
Voodoo Sound
VR and BFQ IO Schedulers
CIFS support (module is in /lib/modules, but not insmod'd on boot)
Swap support
- run the following to use swap
adb shell touch /data/local/useswap
Ability to enable/disable logcat (enabled by default)
- run the following to disable logcat
adb shell logcat-disable
- run the following to re-enable logcat
adb shell logcat-enable
Non-OEM battery support
init.d support
SDCard speed tweak
EXT4 partitions supported
Auto-root on boot

Voodoo Sound fixed - Thanks supercurio

Removed OnDemand
Added FIFO and BFQ IO Schedulers
Added tun.ko and cifs.ko

Initial release, built from source
Voodoo lagfix available - Thanks supercurio
Updated compiler flags
Linaro Toolchain for cross-compiling
Battery hack to allow for non-OEM Batteries - courtesy of SirGatez
init.d support
SDCard speed tweak (via init.d script)
Upstream EXT4 Patches
VFAT Patch
TCP and CFS Tweaks to help data/performance
V(R) IO Scheduler
Auto-root on boot
Maybe missing some other stuff, check Github for full changes

Download Froyo version @ XDA

Download FP1 GB Version - 0524
Download EP4 GB Version - 0130

If you are experiencing problems, I need detailed info to be able to fix it or help you out. Failure to provide detailed info will mean I'm just going to ignore your problem as user error. Details would be something such as which kernel you are flashing (filename) and steps to reproduce the issue. Also, if you used any other kernels that had the same problem or didn't have the problem.

By downloading and using the kernels, this signifies that you have read this full post and the FAQ before reporting an issue. You also take all responsibility if your phone breaks or your warranty becomes void (which, if you're flashing this, it already is). I offer no guarantees as to anything working, though I try not to release broken stuff, it happens sometimes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install this?
You flash this in CWM. If you need CWM, you can find it here

Can I use ROM Manager to flash this?
If you didn't use Odin to flash CWM, this will not work. Also, ROM Manager is not compatible with CWM when it fully replaces stock recovery.

Can I install this over another Voodoo Lagfix kernel?
Yes. Any kernel that use's supercurio's lagfix can be flashed over any other kernel that uses it.

How do I disable Voodoo Lagfix?
Create a file on the SDCard named disable-lagfix within the voodoo folder (/sdcard/voodoo/disable-lagfix). You can also use the option in the Voodoo Control app (from the market) or the option in CWM Recovery to disable the lagfix.

How do I know if it is installed?
Go to Settings > About Phone and the kernel version should read:
Code:<br />
[email protected] #1
Gingerbread - One of the two below
Will this work with xxx ROM?
This will work with any currently available ROM that is posted here.

Can I overclock with this kernel?
Overclocking is supported on the Gingerbread version.

Can I use SetCPU with this kernel?
You can use SetCPU with this, but issues may arise if you use profiles. If you have problems and are using profiles, I'm not going to try to fix them as profiles do not always work properly on SGS phones.

Does this kernel include xxx feature?
If it is not listed in the first post, probably not. To be sure, check the commits to the source on Github.

Can you add/implement xxx feature?
If you can link to what you want added/changed, I can look into doing so. If you just say something like "I want bigger quadz!" with no information about what you want or where to find it, I'll just disregard your request.

I am having xxx issue, can you fix it?
See the NOTES section above. Failure to provide any steps to reproduce your error, or a log of the issue as it is occurring will not get your problem fixed. I need the output from logcat and/or dmesg to be able to fix problems. Use the following to obtain a log (easiest with ADB).
adb shell dmesg > dmesg.txt<br />
adb logcat > logcat.txt
Enter one of the commands and attempt to recreate your issue. Logcat will run constantly until you stop it (disconnect the phone, or ctrl+c). Dmesg will dump the current buffer and end. Try to get a logcat first as it will be easier to capture the error. PM me the files once you've collected them and I will look into it. DO NOT POST THEM IN THE FORUM. Logcat and dmesg may both contain identifying information (like your phone number or email address) so PMing them to me will prevent everyone from seeing this info. If you need help, ask or join IRC.

If you would like something added to the FAQ, please post it in the following format:
[noparse][b]Put the question here[/b]<br />
Put the answer here[/noparse]

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I've attached a logcat of the phone.

The problem is that when I have swap mode enabled and I attempt to start multi-tasking the phone starts to glitch out. The phone will pause/freeze for a moment, audio will stop playing, etc. for a split second. It appears to be when the phone is actually swapping. This seems to occur when the phone is under stress, such as when playing streaming audio and then doing something else such as browsing the web.

It also appears that the phone gets slower over time and that a reboot is required to make it come back up to speed.

The issue does go away when I disable swap mode by deleting /data/local/useswap. The issue occurs only when swap mode is enabled.

I've tried to change the "swappiness" setting to a value of 5 by executing "sysctl -w vm.swappiness=5" to reduce what the phone does swap but that doesn't help either, still glitches when switching in and out of apps with swap mode enabled.

I've used your latest kernel you've posted here as well as one that I've compiled myself from the source code I pulled down from your Github repository. Both show these issues.

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I've tried to change the "swappiness" setting to a value of 5 by executing "sysctl -w vm.swappiness=5" to reduce what the phone does swap but that doesn't help either, still glitches when switching in and out of apps with swap mode enabled.
It should already be at a setting of 5. You could try 0 to see if that fixes it. Otherwise, you just won't be able to use swap.

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Couple of questions, what is using swap about?
I was using tweak kernel before and was on rfs, how can I convert to ext4?

And imnuts, were you overclocked when you hit that 3100? Just curious. So far no problems.

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very nice. I can't wait to see what other future dev are around the corner. Very nice job. I'm running at 1400mhz, something my phone has never been able to accomplish before. Also running infinity tsm without any troubles

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very nice. I can't wait to see what other future dev are around the corner. Very nice job. I'm running at 1400mhz, something my phone has never been able to accomplish before. Also running infinity tsm without any troubles
if you think 1400 stable is good wait until we have will see..., thanks for the new kernel none-the-less imnuts, installing now
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