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Virtuous Grouper

Welcome to Virtuous Grouper. This is a pretty much stock build of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with tweaks and optimization's by the Virtuous Team.​
Rom based on official Google system image for Nexus 7

Virtuous S-Series
S-Series ROM's are pretty close to stock, with basic optimisations and tweaks. This series is designed for people who rely on their device 24/7 and are not looking for the latest and greatest features. These ROM's will only be updated if and when an official release is announced.
We also encourage people to use these stable builds as bases for their own ROM's.

More information can be found on our Blog.

Build: JRN84D

CWM-Recovery: HERE
Download ROM: HERE
Stock boot.img: HERE

(Official Website of VirtuousROM)​

Check out our forums
Kernel source code: HERE

· Virtuous Developer
111 Posts
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Is v 1.0.1 only made for Tablet UI mode? I tried raising to default 213 & it became unbootable, I had to reload a nandroid. Just wondering if it was my N7 that is the issue or 160 is the only mode it can run in. Can you support both modes if possible in the future? DPI 160 is just too small for my eyes even though, I set system fonts to very large.

TIA & keep up the good work.
if you can't boot rom. flash stock boot.img (link in 1st post)
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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