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Well Thread Title Says It All I Guess Anyways Lets Get To The Good Stuff. Oh Yea Please Read The OP. I Won't Answer Your Question If It's Already Answered In The OP.

The Goods:
-Overscroll Glow
-Android 4.0.3

-Battery Gauge
-Hardware Acceleration [Not 100%]

-Other Misc Issues
-You Tell Me :)

-Jzen For Poster GFX :) Awesome Job Man :D
-If I forgot you pm me don't start shit in my thread without proof again pm me ill tell you if you deserve credit or not if you do i'd be happy to add you to the credit list :)

Other Notes
-Oh Yea And This Is A WIP It's Not Perfect Yet

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One more reserve..
I know what I'm flashing today!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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