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[11-15-11] 3Gturbocharger, V6 Supercharger And 98Kickasskerneltweaks By Zeppelinrox

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Attached Are The 3 Latest Updates For The 3GTurboCharger, V6 Supercharger, And 98KickassKernelTweaks.



Updated October 3: - V6 SuperCharger Update 9 Beta 6.2.2

Added - 2 OOM Sticks! zOOM (quick) and vrOOM (verbose) versions. (yeah yeah... I shoulda made Four Sticks! get it?)
Added - PowerShift Scripts! (make quick widgets for different minfrees!)
Added - Bullet_Proof App One-Shots! (you can make it a widgetable script whenever you bulletproof an app!)
Added - (S)97BulletProof_Apps boot script (you can add to it whenever you bulletproof an app!)
Added - Fast Engine Flush - You can make a widget for it or put it on a schedule!
Improved - Re-SuperCharger - When you copy settings from sd card, it will load 99SuperCharger
Added - Support for devices that use S*(not numbered) boot scripts so S99SuperCharger is created instead of 99SuperCharger
Added - Support for (knows it's locked status automatically)
Added - Support for devices with /system/etc/
Remembers - If you're using local.prop or build.prop (you can change setting in Options)
Improved - Test on startup (Test Drive)
Enhanced - The interface all over the place (the menu is a "Driver's Console")
Added - Check to see if you selected an inappropriate setting (256 mb can't choose 8 or 9)
Fixed - A bug where it would mess up a milestone's init.mapphone_umts.rc file if V6 ran twice... /me n00b
Added - Another 1,050 lines of code

Updated September 12: - 3G TurboCharger Installer Update 3 test 11
Tweaked - The interface a little

Updated September 12: - Kick tushy Kernelizer Installer Update 3 test 5
All-In-One - io scheduling tweaks are optional
Data Foler - is now used for stock roms
Errors - are now hidden so no need to worry about unknown keys showing up
Enhanced - user interface greatly
Tweaked - some io scheduler commands - should be safer than before

Updated September 12: - V6 SuperCharger Update 9 Beta 4
Massive - Changes lol
Changed - All the names/presets. More options for higher ram devices.
Added - Help Menu Item (launches help file on sd card)
Added - Help Online - Opens up XDA thread in the browser!
Added - Re-SuperCharger! Restore Prior V6 Settings from SD Card
Added - Saftey nets - Checks for BusyBox, it's version (and if it's too high), an error check, and if running as root
Checks RAM - And recommends which horsepower settings to use
Build.prop - is now used. No more local.prop. This enhances stickiness.
Extra - build.prop integration in case you have /system/bin/build.prop
Milestones - More stickiness - init.d script and build.prop are now used as well as the *rc file
Tweaked - some user prompts/information
Numerous - enhancements

General Instructions:
1. Place All Scripts On Root Of SD Card.
2. Rename The Scripts Removing .txt
3. You Must Create The "init.d" Folder Inside /system/etc Prior To Running The 98KickassKernelTweaks Script.
4. Use Script Manager To Load The Scripts.
5. All Scripts Need To Have "RUN AS ROOT" Checked First.
6. Then Select "RUN" And Follow The Instructions On The Screen.
7. Proceed To Next Set Of Instructions If Your Script(s) Warrant It.

Advanced Instructions For V6 Supercharger And 98KickassKernelTweaks:
1. Menu>More>Advanced Options>Config Check "BROWSE AS ROOT"
2. /data Check Off Both "RUN AS ROOT And RUN AT BOOT"
3. /system/etc/init.d 98KickassKernel Check Off Both "RUN AS ROOT And RUN AT BOOT"

***Possible Your Device Will Also Create 99Supercharger If The "init.d" Folder Exists.

More Info On It Go Here:

3GTurbocharger And KickassKernelTweaks
xda-developers - View Single Post - [Script][Update 9 Beta] The V6 SuperCharger! The ONLY Android MEMORY FIXER!
[Script][Update 9 Beta] The V6 SuperCharger! The ONLY Android MEMORY FIXER! - xda-developers

[/COLOR]As A Reminder This Was Created By Zeppelinrox And All Credit Goes To Him.


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What exactly is the need for KAK if you had ran script for 98 and V6?
Download Now‎ (17.8 KB, 14 views)‎ (6.1 KB, 101 views)‎ (6.9 KB, 257 views)
98KickAssKernelTweaksInstallerUpdate3-NO_IO_TWEAK (safer)_test4.txt‎ (4.9 KB, 100 views)
As per the OP, there are 4 files available to download.

What is the need of running both the "‎" and "98KickAssKernelTweaksInstallerUpdate3-NO_IO_TWEAK (safer)_test4.txt‎"?
Mikey said:
Safer Is For Those Who Get Bootloops.
OHHH ok, I must have missed that in the OP. Thanks!
Is there an updated 98KAK? Thanks in advance!
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