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It's a real pitt y that people have neglected this site, and stopped sharing their experiences/knowledge. I'm feeling more people are getting interested about this sort of projects everyday, and they could really benefit a lot from this community, as much as I did before.
I agree with this somewhat, despite the fact I am being part of the problem!! To be honest I just don't have a whole lot of time to keep up with that many forums. I only ended up on here today as am starting to run into issues with my setup, not sure what yet, but for some reason I am no longer getting power. Could be just a loose connection somewhere, but hoping the DCDC-USB is not crapping out on me.

Drove to work this morning, no problems. Get in the car at lunchtime, tablet starts like it has for the past 2+ years, 5 minutes later it shuts off, comes back on for about a minute then shuts off again. Of course I have a 1 hour plus drive home now with potentially no music. Hoping it at least stays on while I drive home and I can then look into it some this weekend.

Nothing really changed here, I debate adding a back up camera now and then, ended up building a fiberglass tray to hold the Nexus in place with a wooden frame on the back to slot it into the dash, the trim is now held on with some magnets.
161 - 161 of 161 Posts
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