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Mod Type:: ROM

Difficulty:: Easy

Mod Base:: CyanogenMod

Mod Status:: Beta

Apply In:: CWM Recovery

Requires Root:: Yes

Android Version:: 4.2.2 (JB)

Hello, everyone,

All credit to SportsStar89 and the MSM8660 devs from similiar devices for compiling from source.

This is simply a slightly modified version for your enjoyment. I won't put out a version every time a new dev build lands, but fairly often.

Here is what is different from stock:

- any bugfixes integrated.
- modified build prop for speed.
- Nova replaces the stock launcher
- Titanium Backup, Power Toggles, etc.
- 4g icons in status bar
- better gps.conf for quicker position acquisition
- hosts files updated for ad control

Here is what I recommend for install:

1. full wipe
2. reboot recovery
3. install rom
4. reboot recovery
5. install gapps from
6. reboot system

Download Here -->

Previous build -

115 Posts
<br />
Changelog:<br />
07.05.2013 - 7/1 base. Camcorder record function fix included.  Still has some kernel related issues, but is an overall improvement from 5/18 release on xda.<br />
04.29.2013 - Initial release. Camera fix integrated.<br />

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jeepers007 your CM10.1 Kang is running well. I can't seem to get the battery life sorted. I am running @ 972 max on demand, dim screen autosync every 1 hour and minimal browsing talk and text. I can barely do 8 hours. Any suggestions? Governor change perhaps?

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