Another unique theme for the 2014 CyanogenMod Theme Engine hails from Patrick Loth (Thyrus in the Play Store): FireChili. As you might have surmised from the title, the dominant color of FireChili is red, and it has been around since the very early days of the new Theme Engine.

What makes FireChili pop

The central feature of FireChili is the ability to make the action bar blend into the status bar for more than just the homescreen and apps that have KitKat optimization integrated into them. Whereas others have taken to Xposed modules to achieve this "bleed" effect, Patrick Loth and Bryan Owens (DJDarkknight96) have found a way to enable this for apps using native KitKat code, regardless of whether the app supports the effect by default.

The only problem is that many apps that don't support this effect already take quite some doing to be forced to. For this reason, the main places you'll see this unique effect are the dialer and settings screens for now. Oh, and FireChili and other Thyrus themes are the first ones to feature the "bleeding edge" effect for apps that don't normally feature it in KitKat.

You'll also no doubt appreciate the clean, elegant UI achieved by a combination of inverting light to dark and not going overboard in terms of customization. You won't find cluttered, "in your face" effects or clashing colors. You'll find a clean UI emphasizing black backgrounds, red midtones and white text over the red and black UI elements.

What's themed

You'll find the following elements themed in FireChili per the Play Store description:
Calendar (ASOP and GoogleMarket)
Dialer and Phone

Google Now/Google Search
Google Music
Google DocumentsUI
Google Play Store
Google Mail (Gmail)
Swype paid
In the time I've played with FireChili I gathered some screenshots to document my seamless experience:

In case the included icons aren't quite your speed, you might find SC 161 v3 Black Red theme by Double A Designs to be a nice complement to FireChili. You can tell I thought so by the screenshots below (the second of which comes complete with a wallpaper of my choice and a matching Zooper widget also by Double A Designs):

The FireChili CM11 theme is on sale for $0.99 for a limited time in the Play Store.

The FireChili CM11 theme is available for $0.99 in the Play Store.​