As we mentioned yesterday, Paranoid Android lead designer Arz Bhatia is also known for some of his CM11/PA themes in the Play Store. The latest of these is Veu, which I've had the privilege of running on my Droid DNA.

What makes Veu pop

Veu is unique from all other themes built for the CyanogenMod Theme Engine (aside from Arz's other theme Fi) in that it offers several color variants that can be installed from one app. In Veu's case the colors include Persian Red, Blue Radiance, Slate Spruce and Torch Pink. Also unlike other themes, Veu installs as a standalone app. To apply a theme you must open the Veu app and choose one of the color variants. For most of my testing I used the Persian Red variant.

Speaking of the standalone app, it features a very clean, elegant design, as you might expect from a Theme Engine themer. Eye candy is abundant, mostly in the form of thumbnails of included wallpapers in the color variant picker and the wallpaper chooser.
What's themed

The Persian Red variant themes most action bars red along with nearly every system control conceivable (sliders, checkboxes, dialer buttons, etc.). The Settings background, the Quick Settings tiles and the notification drawer feature a mostly black/dark grey scheme. In themed apps, it's mainly the action bars that are themed. Below is the full description of what's themed from the Play Store:

Veu Includes:

Veu Wallpapers (Default & Lockscreen)
Veu Tones (Veu Ringtone, Notification Tone & Alarm Tone)
Veu Custom Lockscreen
Veu Bootanimation
Veu Custom Google Keyboard Skin
First Edition of Roboto - Perfect Match
Veu Custom Gapps Icons - Less Amount
L Navigation Bar Icons
Veu Custom Clock Widget

Themed Items:

Gmail & Email
Google Hangouts
Whatsapp Messenger
Holo Dark & Holo Light Values
Notification Backgrounds
Quick Settings Icons
Notification Panel Dimens
Quick Settings Padding
Action Bars
Overflow Buttons
Menu Dropdowns
Themed Number Pickers
Custom Overflow Glow
Intermediate Progress Bar Glows
Dropdown Spinners
Custom Textfields
New Recents Experience with Larger Thumbnails
Flat Action Bars (Dark & Light)
Recents Kill Icons
Buttons & Animated Checkboxes (Buttons, Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, Scrubber Tabs)
Group Buttons & Toggles
Volume Panel Dropdown Icons
Veu Navigation Bar Glow (Flat, No Shadow)
Veu Switches
Veu Spinners
Alert Windows
Usage Bars
List Views
Paranoid Android Themed Pie
Lockscreen Layers (Player Background)
Menu Windows/Lists/Dropdowns
Progress Bars
Keyboard Text Handlers
Toast Frames
AppWidget Settings
Gmail Widget Header
Google Quick Search Toast Frame
Dialog Windows - No Horizontal Line - First theme to do so. Resulting in cleaner dialog windows.
Below is a gallery of the Persian Red theme including themed apps:

I have also included galleries of the other color variants:

Slate Spruce

Blue Radiance

Slate Spruce

Torch Pink


Veu is a subtle, clean theme based on Material Design principles without trying to imitate the overall Android L look. The $3.25 (U.S.) price might give you a brief moment of sticker shock, but keep in mind you're getting several color variants for the price of one app, something no other themer I'm aware of does. If I'm wrong, please feel free to correct me in the comments. For that matter, if you run Veu on your 2014 Theme Engine ROM please let us know your thoughts on it in the comments.

The Veu Theme Engine theme is available for $3.25 in the Play Store.

The Veu Theme Engine theme is available for $3.25 in the Play Store.​