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Nukeruss said:
Maybe I was misunderstanding this whole 2nd init thing; but I thought that it highjacked the startup of the built in kernal and then started using the kernal that is associated with the Rom that is highjacking it. I thought that Framework43 was actually trying to highjack the GB kernal not work the GB kernal into MIUI. I thought the intent was to be able to get all of the CM7 based roms working on 2nd init while working off the GB stock vice the Froyo stock. It would make it easier to switch back and forth between GB roms on the X and D2. I don't think that MIUI will be operating off of the next higher kernal until it is updated in CM7 and that probably won't be done until CM8 and ICS. I might be out to lunch on this though.
After reading this post a 1000 times I found out that if you change the word kernal by kernel every make perfect sense, this guy is a genius :tongue2:
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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