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This ROM is the work of bmarko82. All credits go to him. I'm only sharing it here. :emoji_u1f603:


What is working:
- touchscreen and hardware keys
- sound
- touch key lights
- wifi
- Camera
- Internal / external storage ( OTG not tested, but should work )
- 2G / 3G
- MIUI browser and E-mail app
- wifi tethering
- bluetooth ( headset calls, a2dp, file transfer, internet sharing tested)
- recorder
- torch
- IR
-pin code

To do:
- TV out

Install instructions:
- Reboot to CWM (if you have problems, use Philz's Touch recovery)
- if you are coming from other rom (full wipe): format /system, /cache, /data, /preload and in advanced Dalvik-cache
- upgrade: format /system
- install zip from SD-card, select
- install language pack if you need it
- flash gapps from here: OR you can use Google installer

ROM with lang pack: md5sum: a0aab86411b74cf976861dc0b93f492d

Older releases:
ROM: md5sum: defcec8111766654237466c85ba5b535 md5sum: 71f5ad598365fc4af9f164a34da8cd21 md5sum: 3734c70df5914edc2269eaac119bc8d2 md5sum: 4a43d47465ba62f72a231a3ac2dbbcec md5sum: 4386f0207b9a7ed05d5c3cf0d5c940a7 md5sum: 87b9c8978c4d09ec1abf955f712b5ee1 md5sum: 7c097742b0f84b1ea5ab39acd5b56dc3 md5sum: 6b56a60298b0f1461a79a3dbe8faabf0 md5sum: 54b08a0cf2b7476ac599299a5224581d md5sum: d88f143b86c2b494f77a0ae158f1940b md5sum: 0fdde6665f049d43f5ccd6a524a3cb96 md5sum: be1fc70fcb3c6e474278ddb9727da743 md5sum: 1b367af5e024d0a69c55cb347c24493a for 3.8.2 md5sum: 399cbab8145675a53ab2ea061079a0a0 md5sum: aac56c5f20f6e7e6144f7dc6d633e72e md5sum: 12a5f5cc46d29bf70802a94e2e168347 md5sum: 1ea734c5aac855a96db93e4e8e247bd5 md5sum: 7736e968557076fff2c305cdfbeb1675 md5sum: b8b32d0c0014e97b923c7e041271e2f6 md5sum: 255946fc6e4af0d15f526009a70366e5

ROM with lang pack: md5sum: e53b8600eb0c5cb20f9ea0bbc90a377b md5sum: 387ae44e69d80616121eac64f1a2de9a md5sum: b56434b44e3cabba513aa3c2d18c34ac md5sum: e379060f217de30392ddcdf8e2dc3139 md5sum: 6abe4ff79ef6d3595e5a130c9dd8c4de md5sum: bb794dbd61d17bca035accd6664a114b md5sum: 562b2b243637072441018e25fbc077e0 md5sum: 1457c7a76e6bbe8e6dd726c33155bbcc md5sum: b85684dba53ad9d6f96461b4a1472941 md5sum: c878b2756a64bbe32d8951f6cf9e449b md5sum: c66664c3e3d5708d1cdf2c6019588846 md5sum: b2fdb44e3e399008c3cb8eaa2ead4d92 md5sum: fe4a5cf05a635b3b1f9d5a3ca2b22386 md5sum: 09e4cba56907fc5dbab69dfd8751cdaa md5sum: 154d9036b6c99e9963c213e93a68ba61 mdsum: 541d451ae920f91cab180e7419d2ea4f md5sum: 5313bb3398d815b4ecfc06183500abe9 md5sum: cda7bb98bff7e81c92765ee9b63d5b84

Changelog 3.11.1:

[GT-I9505 specific]
Fix - mic issue thanks to BigDogPooh

Fix - Swapping SIM cards from other countries/areas may cause system language to change (10-29)
Fix - Status bar would flicker (11-1)

[Home screen]
Fix - Google Mobile Services settings can appear on the Home screen (10-30)

New - Separate setting for automatic recording for calls from unknown numbers and from yellow-page numbers (10-29)
New - For China Mobile users in Beijing, faster checkout when purchasing mobile data (10-30)
Fix - Sometimes recording for calls would begin automatically (10-29)
Fix - When screen turns off when user is answering call, navigation buttons' LEDs also turn off (10-29)

Fix - Sometimes, texts would change on their own (10-31)

Fix - When applying new icons for a theme, some icons wouldn't change to the new theme (10-30)
Fix - Touching the buttons for Theme details, Reviews, and Share would trigger the wrong functions (10-30)

Optimization - Re-designed UI for Bluetooth transfer (10-29)
Optimization - Can now display multiple user accounts (10-29)

New - Added "Unlimited" option setting for controlling data usage when downloading via mobile network (10-30)
New - Increased file capacity for users in Taiwan (10-29)

Fix - Sometimes, when using Bluetooth transfer, if the file name was too long it would not be displayed correctly (10-29)

[Xiaomi account]
Fix - After mailbox was setup, the Notification shade would still display the message "Xiaomi account is being activated…" (10-30)

Fix - In cloud backups for apps, names for non-local backups (i.e. backups for other devices) were displayed incorrectly (10-29)

Note: if you have another snapdragon based galaxy S4 variant, you must copy and from a working rom to /system/lib/

Kernel sources:
No custom kernels supported at the moment, because it makes the bugreports harder.


How can i turn LTE on?
first try in settings:
- mobile networks
- Network type selection


- Dial "*#*#4636#*#*"
- Phone Information
- change [LTE/GSM] to [LTE/GSM/WCDMA]

I have a bad battery drain, help!
Disable NFC in settings.

I got error 7 in recovery, when i tried to install MIUI:
Use Pihlz's Touch recovery.

My WiFi or Bluetooth is not working:
-do a full factory reset in CWM (format /system, /cache, /data, /preload and in advanced Dalvik-cache)
- install XXUBMGA with Odin
- Install Pihlz's Touch recovery then flash MIUI back.

via: MIUI English Forum
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