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/*<br />
 * Your warranty is now void.<br />
 * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,<br />
 * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please<br />
 * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM<br />
 * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if<br />
 * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.<br />
I take no responsibility if your results are different from mine or other users. YMMV at any point. If you're concerned about an MD5sum not matching, it's possible that I've posted an updated version of the ROM, and just haven't had time to update this post. Please see for all MD5sums as well as the date modified. (HINT: If the Date Modified is newer than when this OP was last updated, then there's a good chance I just haven't had time to update this yet)

  • Superuser
  • Deodexed and Odexed versions available
  • Deodexed version has zipaligned APKs
  • Cleaned up the build.prop to remove duplicate lines and other junk
  • Busybox and Toolbox both installed and symlinked properly
  • Doesn't wipe data, cache, or dalvik, making it ideal for reinstalls, cleaning errors caused due to messing with /system, or upgrades. You wipe what YOU choose to.
  • Doesn't include radio, HBOOT, WiMAX, PRI, or NV updates. That's up to YOU to choose to flash. This ROM worked just fine for me on both the 3.70 radios and the 4.22/4 radios.
  • Added full compatibility for ROM Manager, so if there's another OTA (or you're on my 3.70 rooted stock ROM) you can update with ease! This ROM doesn't include ROM Manager, though. I'm not going to force bloatware on you.
  • Speaking of bloatware, yes, all of Sprint's bloatware (or "feature-enhancing software," if you will) is still there. You can keep or remove it as you want. It's in /system/app like a real stock ROM, and hasn't been moved or changed.
  • Based on xHausx's 4.22.651.2 and 4.24.651.1 ROMs.
  • Fixed 802.11n Thanks to xHausx for this, and another fix for 4.24.651.1.

  • Radio updates. For the recovery-flashable versions, you either need to have Amon_RA Recovery, or ClockworkMod Recovery ClockworkMod cannot flash radio updates. For the PC36IMG updates, just place the file on the root of your sdcard then boot into HBOOT. It should ask if you want to update, so hit yes.
  • Superuser flashable ZIP. This is the latest official stable version.
  • Fully-stock (NOT ROOTED!) OTA to upgrade an EVO from 3.70.651.1 to 4.22.651.2, and 4.22.651.2 to 4.24.651.1. This is untouched, straight from HTC. It will wipe out root, upgrade your radio/hboot/wimax/pri/nv, and possibly kill S-OFF (Some say it does, some say it doesn't, I'd rather not risk it to try for myself until there's a working UnrEVOked method). There's a 99% chance it will directly, or cause you to kill your dog.
  • The ROM is now version-tagged based on what date I uploaded it. To ensure you have the newest version, look in ROM Manager. I will always post the update there, and may take a while to get around to updating this post. Editing a manifest file on Github is far simpler.
  • If you go to and see a file you want to dowload, you can now click ROM Manager Web Connect links right in the site. In fact, just about every flashable ZIP on has this feature now.
  • Not included in the ROM, or on, but here's a hack for the Hotspot app which some users report as working.
PLEASE NOTE! You do not need to flash Superuser or the 802.11n fix separately from the ROM! They are both included with the ROMs. The files are for those who flashed old versions, or other 4.22.651.2 ROMs which do not include them.

All downloads which have the ROM Manager Web Connect link (
) are also available in ROM Manager by going to the EVO Stock and Radios or Extras listings under the Download ROM menu.

4.24.651.1 Deodexed:
MD5: d31b4727d1ddb58d09fd3edebcc372a1​

4.24.651.1 Odexed:
MD5: a2a75d183b1d2afcf68524ba07de52fb​

4.22.651.2 Deodexed:
MD5: c0afbadc6d54f35c8ec33ee850864ed6​

4.22.651.2 Odexed:
MD5: d60c74f253eb67645e035935db61de08​

[hide=Combo Radio Update]
Recovery Flashable:
MD5: f3c42f856776955e95934014799e6302
WiMAX: 27243
PRI: 2.15_003
NV: 2.15_003​

HBOOT Flashable:
MD5: a3605c1e22ea22149d25d8de8eda34b0
WiMAX: 27243
PRI: 2.15_003
NV: 2.15_003​

[hide=Standalone Radio] Recovery Flashable:
MD5: 229d34a996e61f65eca88d8522bb98ff​ HBOOT Flashable: :
MD5: b00a9a9f8cecf637fa2dd64775736e2a​ raw IMG: radio.img
MD5: 2791e16c5169b88f383c0bd1e05164cf​

[hide=Standalone WiMAX]
27243 Recovery Flashable:
MD5: 71c4061c5fc88efddbdcca3b076a8d2f​

27243 HBOOT Flashable:
MD5: e9d9ac18854a1af003e6cc9f8c56f9bc​

27243 raw IMG: wimax_27243-MFG27243-ISSI.img
MD5: cbc077cec08c3d7deb9cb92dabd87a23​

[hide=Standalone PRI]
2.15_003 Recovery Flashable:
MD5: b2e3ef72a36ccf494600a8a6b3d47fdc​

2.15_003 HBOOT Flashable:
MD5: e70b3b6d9c596abc23f59a602e85599e​

2.15_003 raw IMG: rcdata.img
MD5: 1e0b745f3c7a18f61b8bea26aa0ca310​

[hide=Standalone NV]
2.15_003 Recovery Flashable:
MD5: cc6a557545ff9afd5f7dae5bd8033eaa​

2.15_003 HBOOT Flashable:
MD5: 17c45b88f5a80a791d8aa6fbce4da210​

2.15_003 raw IMG: nv.img
MD5: f03f4bd38cdbe99b3dc60b095dbe544e​

[hide=Standalone 802.11n Fix]
802.11n-enabled bcm4329.ko for 4.24.651.1:
MD5: 2da2ef84b0a319a09f700ae6130fb15f​

802.11n-enabled bcm4329.ko for 4.22.651.2:
MD5: c56cb6ef5c7caf29adc080b76fc271b1​

[hide=Superuser] EFGH:
MD5: a2844ac335a5c1cfdb9bea2fc041b415​

[hide=Unrooted OTA]
4.22.651.2 to 4.24.651.1 OTA (NOT ROOTED):
MD5: e738a4093be020e8232cabc3b27de2d9​

3.70.651.1 to 4.22.651.2 OTA (NOT ROOTED):
MD5: e77e1ef3a1a47115c73a27ecfc797990​

Questions? Comments? Instructions on how I can take over the world? Want to give me a million dollars? Reply here or on Twitter. Please don't send PM's, IM's, death threats, letters, emails, etc.

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OP updated.

ante317 said:
i'm a rookie at this. do you have instructions on how to do this?
You can flash using ROM Manager or recovery, just like any other ZIP. The easiest way to flash the ROM is to open ROM Manager, tap "Flash ClockworkMod Recovery", give it root access, then go to Download ROM>EVO Stock & Radios>pick the ROM you want>Download. When it's done downloading, tap "Backup current ROM", and if you're coming from a non-Stock ROM, tap "Wipe data and cache", then OK, and confirm. It'll reboot into recovery, and flash the ROM for you, then reboot into the new ROM when it's done.

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OP updated with 4.24 802.11n fix and updated 4.22/4.24 ROMs.

4.24: 802.11n fix, Superuser updated, fixed updater-script so only EVOs can flash the ROM.
4.22: Superuser updated, updater-script updated.
3.70: Superuser updated, updater-script updated, version-tagged.
3.30: Converted to edify, Superuser updated, version-tagged, cleaned, RM compatible.
3.26: Converted to edify, Superuser updated, version-tagged, cleaned, RM compatible.
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