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Keifla96 said:
I think I might cry..... I have my phone working perfectly, I knew once cm4d2g is stable I would switch and have to redo everything but I was not expecting another build of GB to be released ... I'm like everyone else on here, I cant leave something alone if I know there is something better out there. (Probably why I am divorced)...........I guess I will sit and wait with Rsdlite waiting to sbf. :-(
LOL! You are exactly like me.. I actually did laugh out at the divorce comment.. Haha

BTW... I am running the GB 607 kernel with cm4d2g 08/30/11 [Revnumbers] version.. It is awesome and perfectly stable and much better than the "Blur" hog.. CM 7 has only 82 system files vs. 240 on the Moto release. You might as well try it, if your gonna change the kernel again anyway.. Also, cm4d2g is running Gingerbread 2.3.5 too... F#@king Motorola are dummies.

Thank GOD for Titanium backup!
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