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A friend of mine is running 607 gb...and when he runs the one click root, it says root complete. Then when he goes to install an app that requires root permissions it tells him he needs to be rooted to use them..... any suggestions as to why this is??

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run this in terminal emulator then re-reroot

<br />
su<br />
mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mmcblk1p21 /system<br />
rm /system/app/SuperUser.apk<br />
rm /system/bin/su<br />
rm /system/bin/busybox<br />
if that doesnt work then might have to sbf (dont wipe data/cache, after the sbf boot to the droid eye animation then pull the battery and go into stock recovery then flash the .607 update).

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I had the rooting issues from HELL. I had the same issue with my phone, which had been on the GB leak and rooted. I flashed CM7, didn't like, then flashed back to my GB Nandroid. IT WAS NOT ROOTED even though I had superuser in my app drawer. Found this explanation on the Droid 3 One Click Root site it says

If you are trying to root from the OTA Gingerbread update and you were previously rooted, you will probably experience problems with this root method I found here because of the pre-existence of busybox and superuser.apk.
It took an hour, but I got it re-rooted again.. Here's what I did..

1. Hook up phone to the 'ol computer, log into "adb shell" and type the following commands:

mv /data/local/12m /data/local/12m.bak
ln -s /data /data/local/12m
Next, physically reboot the device by pressing the power button. When it wakes up, log in using "adb shell" again, and type the following:

rm /data/local/12m
mv /data/local/12m.bak /data/local/12m
mv /data/local.prop /data/local.prop.bak
echo "ro.sys.atvc_allow_netmon_usb=0" > /data/local.prop
echo "ro.sys.atvc_allow_netmon_ih=0" >> /data/local.prop
echo "ro.sys.atvc_allow_res_core=0" >> /data/local.prop
echo "ro.sys.atvc_allow_res_panic=0" >> /data/local.prop
echo "ro.sys.atvc_allow_all_adb=1" >> /data/local.prop
echo "ro.sys.atvc_allow_all_core=0" >> /data/local.prop
echo "ro.sys.atvc_allow_efem=0" >> /data/local.prop
echo "ro.sys.atvc_allow_bp_log=0" >> /data/local.prop
echo "ro.sys.atvc_allow_ap_mot_log=0" >> /data/local.prop
2. Reboot your phone, and log in to "adb shell" again. You should get a "#" prompt. Type in
mount -o remount,rw /dev/block/system /system
rm /system/bin/su
rm /system/xbin/su
3. Reboot yet again.
4. Now, download the correct Windows (XP or Vista or 7) One click root package from Pete's Motorola Root Tools (which is basically, the Droid 3 One Click Root) and run it.

Be patient. It took a while for me, but I finally re-rooted my phone.
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