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Here is the ROM that I've been passing out on IRC for the past few days. It has finally reached a somewhat "completed" status, so I'm posting it here for the rest of the world to enjoy. This is deodexed EP1W, cleaned up significantly (>100MB of stuff removed), a few minor mods that people like, and it also has a hacked EP1W kernel.

Gingerbread Themed
Accurate Battery (no percent in battery) With Smooth Charging Animation
CRT Effect And Overscroll
Reboot Options
Quick Toggle Sound Included
Custom Shutdown animations
CM7 Filemanager
CM7 Email
CM7 Tones, Alerts, And Notification Sounds
AOSP Apps to 2.3.7 versions
Google Talk with video chat (audio may not work on video chat)
CMWallpapers available
TSM Launcher 2
90% completed TSM Parts
TW Contacts, Dialer, Camera have been retained due to improved functionality over AOSP equivalents
TW Dialer Themed By Team Gummy
Removed Gapps, install them from the Market
If you want root, install Superuser from the Market
Purchase and install Voodoo Control Plus for Voodoo Sound

Bugs:GB Keyboard does not vibrate, For lockscreens to show go into tsm parts toggle enable/disable lockscreen, Hide Battery, Signal, Or Alarm does not work in TSM Parts

Rom Only
ROM and Kernel on EXT4
EP1W Modems for Odin
8/17 CWM for Odin
7/30 CWM for Odin

Installation Instructions
Backup your data before flashing any ROM
Download the package of your choice and transfer it to your SDCard
Flash the package in CWM and also wipe data. If you use the ROM/Kernel package with EXT4, it will wipe data for you, and you'll also be on EXT4 (/system, /data, /cache, /dbdata)
Boot your phone and enjoy
If you would like the latest modems, they are linked above as well

While we do this for fun and don't expect anything out of this (other than you enjoying the work), here are our donation links if you want to contribute.

[HR]This has been a TeamSbrissenMod Production[/HR]

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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get root access?
Download and install Superuser from the market. The su binary that is required should already be there via the kernel, all that is required is its complimentary application.

How do I install the ROM?
See the first post of this thread.

How do I go from XXX to this ROM?
The fastest way to go to this ROM from anything is by downloading and flashing the ROM+Kernel on EXT4 package. That will format your partitions to EXT4 and then install the kernel and ROM. Note that this will wipe all of your user data in the process, so be sure to backup anything you may want prior to flashing.

Where is Gmail, YouTube, Maps, etc.
All Google applications were removed from the ROM. This was to make sure that you are running an up-to-date version on your device and it also saves some bandwidth when the ROM is downloaded.

Does this kernel support Voodoo?
The kernel does not use the Voodoo Lagfix functions. However, it does fully support EXT4 partitions. Voodoo Lagfix is meant so partitions can be converted to and from RFS/EXT4. To do this, the boot process is slowed down for partition checks and conversion. To avoid this, I just enabled EXT4 support so you can still reap the benefits of the improved read/write capabilities without having to wait for the phone to boot up.

Voodoo sound is another matter entirely and can be enabled (in part) by using Voodoo Control Plus. This will allow you to load a beta Voodoo Sound driver that supports many of the functions of Voodoo Sound. Until source code is release for Gingerbread though, full Voodoo Sound support will be unavailable.

Does this kernel support overclocking?
No it does not. Source code will need to be released before many features, such as overclocking can be included.

Do you have plans to include XXX in your ROM?
See the below change log and planned features. If it is not listed in there anywhere, then odds are it is not something that we plan on including and doing. However, if you leave a message in the thread, we will consider implementing it in a future release.

I am having xxx issue, can you fix it?
We can certainly try, however, we will need some information from you first. In order to fix a problem, we need as much information as possible from you about it. Please provide details of the issue, such as the application name you are having problems with. If you can reproduce the issue consistently, provide the details on how to do so, that way we can attempt to recreate it ourselves. If it is a graphical glitch, try to get a screenshot of the problem, or a regular camera picture. The most valuable information you can provide is logcat output, see below on capturing a good log for us.

How can I get a good log of a problem I am having?
There are two methods you can use to get a log for us. The easiest method is to use aLogcat from the market. An alternative method is to use adb on your computer. If you do not know how to save the adb output from logcat to a text file, I recommend using aLogcat. Once you are ready to capture a log, start logcat from adb, or aLogcat. With the log still running in the background, recreate your issue several times (3 to 4 times should be sufficient). Once you have recreated the issue multiple times, stop the logging and save the log file. With aLogcat, it will be saved to your SDCard. Then, take your log output and send it to us, preferably via PM. The reason we request via PM is that sometimes, logcat can capture personal information, such as your email address or phone number. Rest assured that we have no interest in this and will use the output strictly as a debugging tool to help fix whatever issue you are reporting. We hate spam just as much as you do.

Help, I restarted into recovery and lost all of my data!
Unfortunately, this is a known issue and something that a fix is being worked on. The nature of the problem and why it is happening is unknown. However, the problem is widespread and affects us as well. If we had a quick fix for you, we would gladly offer it. When the problem is found and fixed, you will be sure to know about it as we hate setting up our phones too, and given the amount of testing that goes in to building a ROM, we've done so several times already, and will likely do it several more.

How can I thank you for your work?
Just click the thanks button on our posts. We do this for fun, but if you wish to a monetary donation, please see our donation links in the first post of this thread.

How can I get XXX app to vibrate on new notifications?
It seems that some applications are ignoring the global vibrate notification setting. To fix this, go into the application and press the menu button and go to settings (or however you get to the application settings). Find the notification settings, and turn on vibrate. It seems that messaging is the biggest complain among people, and this should solve the problem.

Can XXX be added to the FAQ?
While we strive to keep up with posts, sometimes we may overlook a repeated question or issue. If you see something you would like posted in the FAQ, feel free to ask. We only ask that you put your request in the following format:
[b]Question goes here[/b]<br />
Answer goes here

Figure out why /data is wiped when going into CWM

Add Ons
Available Here

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jewofa said:
Getting random pop up FC's for Email ( cant really logcat since it happens randomly (just pops up in the middle of something completely unrelated)...thoughts?
got the same popup today, working on a fix atm thanks

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Soljafree said:
Didnt have a music player when i flashed it any idea why??
didn't include one because all the stock music player's mostly suck, theirs better ones in the market :D
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